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Thermal insulation

The purpose of Thermal insulation is to reduce the loss of energy which in turn saves money and reduces our carbon footprint, also it prevents condensation forming…


Acoustic insulation

Acoustic Insulation is used for sound proofing and sound absorption solutions, for example in schools and hospitals. It also helps insulate a building…


Fire protection

Fire protection thermal insulation slows down the spread of fire throughout a building, it also helps to insulate a building, which results in the reduction…


Trace heating

The main function of electrical trace heating is to maintain a constant temperature for pipes and vessels or to protect them against freezing…


Protective finishes

Protective finishes are designed to cover thermal and acoustic insulation fitted to both internal and external pipework and ductwork. The type of protective…


Insulation covers

Often valves and flanges and other equipment are left un-insulated due to their elaborate shapes, the answer is to fit glass cloth insulation covers…